Mechanical Training

Mechanical Training

Our course curriculum is designed to educate in specific mechanical processes such as hydraulics, HVAC, boilers,
pneumatics, and natural gas safety to name a few. Our priority is safety and compliance while increasing productivity through knowledge and assessment.

Mechanical Safety CLass List

• Basic Hydraulics Training (2-day lecture)
• Basic Pneumatics Training (2-day lecture)
• PLC Fundamentals Training (3-day Hands On)
• Ball Screw Fundamentals (2-day lecture)
• Shaft Alignment
• Blueprint Reading Course (2-day lecture)
• HVAC Fundamentals Training (3-day lecture)
• Boiler Systems (3-day lecture w/field trip and EPA Exam)
• Chillers and Ammonia Systems (3-day lecture with EPA Exam)
• Bearings and Lubrication Principles (3-day lecture)
• Centrifugal Pumps Training (2-day lecture)
• CNC Troubleshooting Training (4-day lecture)
• Conveyor Systems Training (2-day lecture)
• Hoisting and Rigging Training (2-day Hands On)
• Infrared Thermography Training and Certification (1-day Lecture or 2-day hands-on)
• Ultrasonic Testing Training and Certification (1 day lecture or 2-day hands on)
• Machine Tool Positioning and 5 axis Alignment (5-day Hands -On)
• Mechanical Drives (2-day lecture)
• MTAC/3 Axis (4-day lecture)
• Predictive Maintenance Training (1-5 days al’ carte)
• Vibration Analysis Training (1-day lecture or 2-day hands on)
• Natural Gas Safety Training (3 day lecture with customer furnished
hands on (electro fusion and butt fusion and Code class
(NFPA 85, 54, and 56)
• Combustion Safety Training — (3-day lecture with customer furnished
hands on. NFPA 85 and 54)
• Steam Class – (3-day lecture)
• Plumbing Code – IP or UP – 2-day lecture




“Trade Tech Pro’s Class had excellent training aids and very understandable information. The subject matter presented has given me more confidence and a clearer understanding of hydraulic systems.”

-Mechanical Technician, Fortune 500 Corrugated Box Manufacturer

“Trade Tech Pro’s Instructor did a fantastic job! Our team can’t stop talking about the quality of your Electrical Safety Training.”

-Manager of Safety and Security, Large Broadcasting Company

“Please thank our HVAC instructor again for a job well done.”

-Supervisor, Bay Area Transportation Company

“Information was tailored to meet the needs of all our attendee’s. Excellent Class!”

-California State University

“Trade Tech Pro’s Instructor was very well informed of current electrical safety standards and overall extremely knowledgeable.”

-Los Angeles Community College